Thursday, October 13, 2016

QUIZ: When is it ok to be (insert ethnicity) in America?

When is it ok to be (insert ethnicity) in America?

That can be a personal question.


What is your personal ethnicity?

Is your personal ethnicity documented  in the annals of American history under Chattel Slavery?

Because every other ethnicity that has helped to settle this nation has participated in the enslavement of Black people since the 16oos. That saying "400 years" is from this starting date. When the newest European settlers decided, along with the Catholic church that Black people were beneath human status and could therefore be put into slavery. It was that simple. And since then, the monopolizing of American wealth has been growing exponentially. 18th century European immigrants were tempted to take the trip to the new America with the chance of becoming rich. And with a free land, slaves included type of deal...the immigration of Europeans increased steadily. Another interesting fact from this era that a lot of people don't know about;  the first 150 years of Chattel Slavery was restricted to Black males only. African males were hand picked liked kennel animals from the stocks of wall street's fresh and finest imports. Yes, that Wall Street. That's where it all started. The "stock" market was actual stock. Human stock. Black men. The strongest and most obedient. Ready to be sold to the highest and wealthiest bidding land owners around. Then in late 1700s, The European nations outlawed slave trade. So it was illegal to ship Black people from Africa and Portugal to  NewAmerica. That's when the wealthy slave owners decided to bring in female Africans. And this is how sick and twisted they were. Their reasoning was to breed their very own slaves to avoid the shipping tariffs. Right? How sick is that? Because at that point, about 9 other European nations were shipping slaves. And while THAT was going on, the Native American Indians were owning and trading slaves, allowing the White slave owners to use their native trading routes. Many of which are still roads and highways today.

 That lasted until the Civil War. And the Emancipation Proclamation; the "abolishing" of slavery.
Which immediately turned into Jim Crow sharecropping and the exclusionary criminal clause in the 14th amendment. Freed slaves were let loose with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. So many of them continued working the cotton fields on credit. Which they never got back. Meanwhile them good old boys figured out that the exclusionary criminal clause meant they could still imprison Black people and enslave them. And they did that until...until today. But back in the post civil war era days, Black people could be arrested for anything from loitering to reading. There are still Black people in US prisons serving life for smoking a joint.

 The 1964 Civil Rights Act was a start. It allowed Black people to file lawsuit for their civil rights. They weren't just gonna make it easy. The Native Americans actually did form a group with their own constitutional rights and sued for reparations. And won. They receive an annual reparation allowance from the Federal Government. As far as I know. But Black people in the 70s just wanted to be accepted socially and continue to work for white owned businesses. That's all there were. And still are. Another fact is that 98% of all economic wealth in America is owned by White CEOs. We all know this. It just never dawns on people that this has never changed. Since 1860 when slavery was still legal, Black Americans owned one half of 1% of the nations economic wealth.
In's the same stats. 2016 minus 1860 equals (insert number your self) years.

Since the 70s, Nixon, Reagan and Clinton have incarcerated a staggering amount of Black men. The US prison population alone is a nightmarish human traffic and drug ring. The "war on drugs" combined with the "3 strikes law" targeted a very large percentage of Black males. Families torn apart in the same fashion that they were in the Chattel Slavery times. Single Black mothers raising children in poverty, while the status quo ridicules them for using food stamps.

By the 21st Century, that Wall Street Stock Market I mentioned earlier has become a bubbling cauldron of racist wealth. A casino for the Luxury Pimps of the current epoch. The battle purse of our fearless politicians. Politicians: The clerks who serve the upper regime. You know...the ones who concocted untaxable churches idea and continue the unjustified murder for power & profit scam; aka war. Well they are responsible for everyone's paycheck. Which means everybody has been spending this slave money for centuries.

So...if you are still concerned about which ethnicity is ok in America...

I'd say anyone who understand the history of this country and the type of attitude you represent.
Especially if you realize how important it is for Black people in particular to redeem part ownership of this country's labor and wealth. No one has seen the potential of Black people in America yet. That's the hidden gem, here. Black people have been systematically oppressed since day one. Still shut out from the business owner world. The funny thing is that we know what happened to sports as soon as Black people were allowed to participate. Or take a look at the architectural sophistication of Egypt.

So we all know what happens the minute Black people start participating on an equal scale.
For instance:
If Black people owned climate saving utility companies and could afford to run them with a taxable revenue...the world hustle would be on!
The possibilities are endless.

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Uncle Samurai