Friday, November 27, 2009

67 is how old Jimi Hendrix would be today...

So this track is called

happy birthday Jimi...
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Barbarella Throwback: Capri

Live At The WardrobeCapri
"Barbarella" (mp3)
from "Live At The Wardrobe"
(Caprimusic / GLP)

Monday, November 16, 2009

NFL 1- Native American Indians 0

The Supreme Court revoked appeal from a group of Native American Indians. They want the NFL team "Washington Redskin " to change their name.

I would side with the Indians, but I don't think they stand a chance...still...

The best part of the article is the comment section of course...

And now...another kick ass tune from
Super Fan 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Britney Spears Going Down Under : Lip Synch Queen of Pop

Judge has branded Spears' shows a "Mickey Mouse performance," adding: "Let's be clear - live means live. If you are spending up to $200, I think you deserve better than a film clip. The NSW Government would be happy to look at options, such as a disclaimer on a ticket which would warn consumers a performance is pre-recorded...." (Read more)

Thank you Britney for turning this mockery of talent back around into the hands of those who want to hear live music. At least use an auto tuner live...and thank you Australia!

Definition of live music: when the audible sounds being made are being produced LIVE on the spot.
Definition of live instrument: when the instrument cannot produce a sound while unattended...that includes vocal tracks!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Hood Army Base Shooting: Texas

News about the Fort Hood Army Base Shooting is shocking the nation right now. I hope this doesn't start a chain reaction to the integrity of those serving in the military. Stay together y'all!

The shooter's last name was Hasan, and I'm sure there will be remarks against those with Islamic sounding names.

But for now...Prayers out to the victim's families...with empathy and compassion from Kannon, The Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.

To find out what happened,
here is the Fort Hood Shooting Article at Yahoo

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Duke Ellington: Take The A Train With The Yankees

No other band has so singularly possessed more charm and sophistication than Duke Ellington and The Washingtonians. “Choo Choo” always paints my imagination with images of buttoned up musicians riding in the luxury car headed to a gig in The Big Apple. What I wouldn’t give to be riding the rails with that band. Duke and his band remain to this day, the touchstone of class.

Duke Ellington – “Choo Choo” mp3

And if you are in New can celebrate this feeling with The New York Yankees.
"The New York Yankees bolted from the dugout even before the last grounder was scooped up. After waiting nine years for championship No. 27, no one would dare hold them back..." (Read more)

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What The Music Industry Is Over Looking

The Music Industry doesn't have time to listen to all of music.
Main industry music search will always miss out on some choice bands while they try to crunch out numbers with pop music. With more music websites available, there are a variety of searches now. As an artist, I have over twenty five years of experience writing, playing and enjoying music. Watching trends occur in the pop music world is like watching the moon chase the tides. You never really know who will be the next pop millionaire.
But one thing I am certain of, is that some really good bands just simply get over looked. Aiding this particular search is what sites like Open Source Music is all about. And that is artist/band friendly. Radio used to be the filter. Now it's in the hands of the people on line, too. Free downloads are an essential key, now, to discovering that next great sound.

And when any good band gets discovered, they are given the chance and opportunity to go out there and make people happy. Which, I hear, is greatly appreciated during these economic hard times. That is why OSM is yet another great music website in my book. And when people discover music they like, they usually buy it. I don't believe in the pirate music curse, that much.
These facts seem to be speaking for themselves more and more.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Ed Meeker- Take Me Out To The Ball Game: World Series

Yankees Or Phillies?

Ed Meeker: Take Me Out To The Ball Game mp3