Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years!
That's YearS...ok?

2009 is Skanking Time!!

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

Monday, December 22, 2008

Skasummit : For people who love ska music

Ska might be the only style of music left that hasn't been over played, exploited and synthesized into pop culture. So before that happens it might be a good idea to understand what ska is to people. As one of the founding members of I feel that ska is best represented by the fans and the musicians. 
 There are a few simple ways to define the meaning of ska.

These are some that I came up with:

1- Ska originated in Jamaica after the British colonial rule ended.( Great reason to party!)
2-Ska is dance music.
3-Ska is about unity, regardless of backround.
4-Ska is a rebellious attitude towards things that make life suck.
5-Ska is an unselfish community of people who love ska.

And so I will have to re emphasize #5 
and refer you to
As soon as you hit the link, you will
be one dropped directly into a 
world of ska.

And don't forget as we say goodbye to 8 years of life that sucked
we must look forward to a way of enjoying each others company
without too much unnecessary amounts of dialogue.
It's time to dance!
Ska is one of many ways to do this...

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry xmas Bob Marley

As I am one member of an 8 piece ska band, I remember to stop and give thanks to those who made it possible for me to play ska.
I always tell people who ask me about ska
to read the Bob Marley story.
This is one conversation I had:

Dem-So...what IS ska anyway, like...ya know?
Me-Ya ever read the Bob Marley story?
Dem-The WHOLE story, I mean...
Me-READ it!!
Dem- Well, I dunno if I have the time to...
Me-Just ...fuckin' read it and stop askin' me! Plus if you go to his site you can listen to his songs
while you read!
Dem- Well...I dunno if...
Me- (Silent scream inside my head)
... then I start to beat them unmercifully with invisible mind bullets, kicking them in their thoughts with my brain foot...and walk away.

It's no use to tell people about ska anymore. It's an in crowd thing anyway. If you don't know by now, then I guess....whatever. But the Bob Marley story is a crucial part of SKA history.
He made the fork in the road with the music. What Bob Marley kept, he called reggae. Which is what you can sing with a Jamaican accent.
What he left in his historic wake for anyone to sing was the roots of reggae music.

The Ska.
So thanks Bob...for the Ska and Reggae music.

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

Note: I'm not crediting the entire ska/reggae music to the honorable Bob Marley,
just thanking him for his part...which is immense, I might add...
K bye

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Water crisis?

The way is the path, right? The path is the way. Correct?
How does one go about finding the right path, or way? Is there a secret? The secrets are usually oriental, celtic, hebrew, indigenous, ye old way, etc... and then sometimes they are not, right?
Well...then how come every time I hear some American try to tell me about this just sounds like a bunch of hippy crap?

I begin to wonder how much I missed just trying to run away from the patchoulie!
Save the trees, the polar bears, the rivers, the salmon, the smelt, the bees...yeah, yeah, yeah.
Whatever. Right? You know what I mean? When you're walkin' down the street, mindin' yer own business, and somebody with a clip board tries to get you to stop and sign something for the environment. And now everybody has agreed to save the banks.
Hold on a sweet, hot minute, there.
How in the hell did the banks just cut in line like that?
Are we supposed to multi task this one?!
(We probably are and I'm going to be embarrassed later)

Let's get a jump on the water crisis before it becomes one.

My advice on the water shortage :
1-Get the banks to pay for the following steps.
2-Gather the stoners together en masse.The way to gather the stoners is to simply say,
" more water, no more weed...what are we gonna do?"
3-Select the thick eye glass toting, pony tail wearing, trench coat and Isotoner glove sporting
hackers out of the large group of concerned citizens to come up with a plan or two!
4-Wait for's gonna take them at least 3 to 4 days to wait for insperatu. Then...
5-Rebuild the water ducts to these new specs.
6-Have a Peace Pipe Line day. (Maybe instead of thanksgiving.)

Then come up with a way to do that in the middle east, Africa, Australia, etc...
Because their life seems to already look like a water crisis.
Just thinkin' on line, here...
your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

Monday, December 15, 2008

2009 is Skankin' Time!!

The mighty two tone trumpet has blasted it's reunion call from across the pond!

See ya on the dance hall floor...

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

Friday, December 12, 2008

Someone Like Me

Song written by- Musashi Lethridge
Vocals- Musashi Lethridge
Guitars- Musashi Lethridge
Bass- Musashi Lethridge
Drums- Musashi Lethridge
Engineer- Jon Robin
recorded in 2003

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai (Musashi Lethridge)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zen moment...

At the request of the internet emperor, Google-san, I have been instructed to perform the music of my heritage(s)
and put out a video, which is being hosted by the generous youtube-daimo broadcasting prefecture:

Domo Arigato

your friendly cyberhood

Uncle Ssamurai

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008 song/video of the year

Thumbs up, or thumbs down or no thumb at all...
Hands up or down, one hand in my pocket...Whatever! I don't care who voted this year!
The song/video of the year goes to Lonely Island out of Berkeley California (beeyotches!!)
This is the kind of genius that makes me wanna..

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christ Moose

The economy sucks right now.
People are losing their minds trying to figure it out. 

 I mean...what are you gonna do?
Have a merry christmas? 
 Times are rough and well, HELL YEAH I'm gonna have a god damn merry christmas. It might have to  include some of the last 8 years of politics. One x mas stocking I might  NOT open at all might be the one that's full of tax regulations and increases from, like, say 5 years ago. I might leave one present unwrapped because it contains files of "weapons of mass destruction" and it might not even have my name on the tag. One box might have white tube sox. Who knows?
I will have a few presents to look forward to:
-Obama as president
-New i phone and laptop
-Obama as president
-An X box

stay tuned for more
from a merry christmoose

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Story Of Meredith- pt 1

James - Meredith? 
Meredith- Yes, honey? 

J- I'm afraid that I have some bad news to tell you...would you mind sitting down for a minute? 
 M- Yeah...sure, What is it? 
J -'s about us. I...just can't be the person you want me to be anymore. I have tried, very hard to talk the way you like; walk the way you like; even drink the way you want me to drink, and it just doesn't feel....RIGHT any more...
M- Right!? WHAT doesn't feel right?! What do you mean it doesn't feel right , James? I thought...
J -See?! That's just it. Right there. Everything you say starts with " I " thought, or " I " would like, or " I " hate it when, or...or....I just can't see this going anywhere for ME?! Not like this...
M -  That's ridiculous, James. You can't say that after all that I've fuckin' done for you! You still owe me over twenty five thousand dollars. Besides....this house is ours and...the time we spent putting the business together...and the fucking dog, James...what about Rufus? Huh? 
J - You can keep Rufus... Or find him a home or somethin'...I don't care anymore. I've thought about this for a long time, now and I'm just gonna go through with it. I'm leaving you and I'm moving to Poland.
M- Poland?!! What the fuck are you talking about?! Poland?! Where the fuck did Po...
J - MY BROTHER lives in Poland and...that's where the fuck I'm figure I should at least tell you before I go.
M - Wait a, no, no... What the fuck did you just say to me? I can't believe what I just heard you say! Did you just say that you're moving to Poland?!! James...if you don't start making sense this instance...I swear I'm gonna...
M - (gasp)
J - Goodbye...
M - But...
(door slams...foot steps walking starts and drives into the distance)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

30 Rock, Bush, China and GM

On January 20th we will have America's first two toned president.
Meaning black and white, much like the two toned theme that ska music has been portraying
for the last 30 years. Ethnic unity between all races represented by a simple black and white icon. The checkerboard. And people really got that concept at first glance.(Hey this aint no Nascar race!) So the ska world had to wait for Obama. And until he is actually the president, may I introduce to you a new icon. This is Buster. Buster the Ska doggie.
He is a ska doggie. A misunderstood breed who just wants people to understand the meaning of ska. Unity through music. We used to have the rainbow as an icon of diversity. The Homosexual world has claimed that particular icon for the time being. So Buster feels like his work has doubled. Because ska includes EVERYONE. Check out all ska and see for yourself. You can start with one of these wonderful and informative sites:

2009 is skankin' time!

If you are wondering what 30 rock,Bush, China and GM have to do with this article/blog, then you may have to google answers on your own.
All I know is that those are the top Blog post titles on earth now.
This message was brought to you by

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Three in the morning

Prez elect Obama is already working as the prez. Good for him.
Maybe we are playing Bush's game like a soccer know...regulation time is over, but we still have to play out the penalty minutes. Who knows? Either way, I'm rooting for the guy with the brains and the constitutional law teaching credentials. I'm also proud to have Obama as our prez because he is prepared for war. I mean who couldn't be by now?! Also Obama has a great back story.Good karma from the past. Like that story about the lady who was standing in line at the airport to move to Ireland. She was going there to meet her husband; to live. At the counter she came up a hundred and sixty dollars short of airfair. Stressed and uncertain and aware of the line behind her, she probably started to panic like we all do when the "card" doesn't work for some strange reason. Anyway, some man tapped her on the shoulder and told her that he would cover her. It took a few minutes but she ended up letting him. She promised to pay him back as soon as she got to Ireland. And she did. I'm sure she was embarrased the whole flight, but relieved as well. The man gave her a card so that she could contact him and repay her debt. The card read: Barrack Obama.
This was years ago. Before he was a senator, even. He was just some random light skinned dude in line behind her at the air port. But that's the kind of man Obama is. Naturally. I'm sure he was just as broke as anybody back then, too. But he took the kindness option. Isn't that a touching story? I think so, because it's the god honest truth.
So...this same man is now looking at the entire country (with a constitutional law teaching degree) and is about to do something about the economic crisis that rich people have have caused us. It takes money to make money, right? So it wasn't poor people who screwed up. It was them. I look at rich people now the way that Chuang Tzu looks at monkeys that need to be fed. Have you ever heard of the story Three in the morning?
A wise man once said, "To wear out one’s intellect in an obstinate adherence to the individuality of things, not recognizing the fact that all things are a unity—this is called Three in the Morning."

What is Three in the Morning?

A keeper of monkeys said that each monkey was to have three chestnuts in the morning and four at night. But the monkeys were very angry at this; so the keeper said they might have four in the morning and three at night, with which arrangement they were all well pleased. The actual number of the chestnuts remained the same, but there was an adjustment to meet to the likes and dislikes of those concerned. Such is the principle of putting oneself into subjective relation with externals.

This is so like Obama, or anyone with the credentials and a heart as big.

your friendly cyberhood

Uncle Samurai