Monday, June 29, 2009

Rude Pickin' Mood

A few have my friends have asked me how I feel.
Here is one way I love to express myself.
Gettin' ready for a hot summer with a tip of the hat to SRV.
This, by the way is my favorite way to move on with life...
Just play the music!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When Life Is Like This...

When life is like this, it becomes that again...

In between vague and uncertainty lies the heart, mind and soul. To point out the last foot print on the path; and the next. To acknowledge the beauty in the smiles that hide in strangers faces. A place in the body to store the knowledge and wisdom that we walk with. To change the lies back to truth. To hold on to love.

In remembering this we strive to attain the pleasures that taste and feel good. To gain strength in the lessons that life brings us. To share these lessons with those we hold dear to us; and to those that may be in need. I told a friend of mine that helping a friend is the same as healing your own self. And that if it does not manifest healing, to continue on with your own. And that in time, we revolve within a cycle that changes anyway. You will be there one day; changed. And when you arrive you will hardly know that you have. Until you realize that the heart mind and soul have been filled with spirit again. Which is the smile that others notice in you. And the reflected smile in the mirror.

This era of technology holds us to our very wits. Every day we forfeit cognitive memory for convenience and instant gratification. And I have noticed the change within my very self. I am aware of people who float down the sidewalks, logged in to a device that has no natural connection with anything. People seem to be tuned in to the new distractions that distract us from the all the negative distractions going on all over the world. As a child, we had less frequent knowledge of current events. As an adult we are fed information almost every couple of hours. That is a huge difference. It drives some of us to the point of giving up the very attitude that holds everything together. It steps in between the bonds of family and friends, at times. And strangely enough, brings us together.

And so content we are to realize what it is that makes us happy. And as soon as we get that feeling inside of us, we do not want to watch it go away. Some of us hold on to it with a grip so fierce that it gets ripped away, suddenly. And so begins the plummet into confusion and mental chaos. Where emotion over rides the senses and the gap between genders gets wider. Men seem to react from the neck down; physically. Women seem to react from the neck up; verbally. Leaving us with a blank stare, attempting to analyze the differences. And then later, we do the opposite as we try to understand the opposite sex more. Repeat...

Well, we are all the same, really. We just take turns being in context with each other, right? Or else the whole world would be at peace and we would all be on the same page. But the world of people isn't like that at all. So what I try to do is understand that my context is always adjusting. The context in which I am in at all times is always changing, wherever I go. It sort of relies on other peoples, at times. And then when I am alone, I create music with it.

For those of you who are fine with your self; your heart, mind and soul...remember...there are always those who are not and are in need of healing. And I bid my respect to the ones who who are strong enough, right now, to help others. Knowing that when it is your turn, you will be reimbursed with kindness and empathy. That is what life is to me right now. It has become that and all the music in my heart. And so wanders off the love I cherished. To leave me with a new beginning that must start everyday. And so it must...start with my own smile.

And that is my deepest regards to all who know me.

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't Fret Unless You Love To...

What I do for music is what I can't stop doin'
Whether flyin' high lovin' or shoe fly shooin'
it's the core of my soul and the sound of my heart
and it always sounds better when it's torn apart

I'm connected to center of the cosmic swap
and if I sweep you off your feet with a six string mop
you can bet yourself a dollar that you'll end up wet
under clouds rainin' sunshine but don't you fret

Unless you love to tell me that I'm trouble squared
I would play to tease the goddess with the golden hair
and the wrath and the frenzy that I make will pass
when the gods of love knock me right on my ass

But I always bounce back like a basket case
and the thoughts on my mind aint the look on my face
just brush the dust off with a moon shine grin
as familiar as it sounds here I go again

All the people know me better when I'm in discreet
with the strange lady walkin' to the feel of the beat
she's a hard smilin' fast talkin' serpent of fire
she's the reason that I dream what I now transpire

and here she comes back to give me lovin' again
sweet note after note that doesn't seem to end
introducing me to strangers that I've met before
and she pushes them in through that old back door

In the chair of a swing with a mood and a ring
to the heavens I beckon the wreckin' machine
she's a long sultry night of affection and squeezes
the more she demands is the more that it pleases

The morning light filters out the mood in my blues
I chase it with a cigarette and charge up the fuse
You can hardly see my spirit from the smoke I'm spewin'
What I do for music is what I can't stop doin'

...and now...
A musical interlude by
your friendly cyber hood
Uncle Samurai

and oh yeah
The Musashi Trio returns soon to a venue near you


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The World Will Content Me

Look at the world and you see what you see
it is there being everything that it can be
down the valleys of hope through the windows we stare
knowing life rises up like the wind in your hair

And it blows round the truth into minds that take hold
as I search for the love in the stories I've told
I can dream the impossible while I'm asleep
as I wake to find nothing I've held was for keeps

As it goes I find strength in the loss of all things
a collection of fortified woes so it seems
the emptiness now is the space I once owned
for the harvest of soul is my time spent alone

For the music that drifts through the cosmos somehow
falls in layers of apathy from then and now
And it doesn't reciprocate feelings of shame
but the melodies dance and they sing just the same

It is happiness found that is happiness shared
we make this condition to show that we care
when it's gone it's amazing how quick it gets taken
and travels to those who have dreams for the making

Yet I am convinced that my place in this world
is to sit and make musical diamonds and pearls
as the news heats our anger to red hot degrees
I will forge out the jewels made of sweet melodies

Through frustration and sadness and so much to do
under skies that turn lullabies dark from light blues
in the madness of all that I never could be
is the same moon light glow that she once had for me

So I walk through the fire again with no plans
and maybe someone will walk with me again
or I'll point the direction and give some advice
that the road to my heart is like warm melted ice

But I'll always explain that my reasons for living
are there in the songs that I just can't stop giving
I'm humble to grieve for the love that just left me
as long as she's happy the world will content me

The mind creates God with a notion to laugh
and it looks for more words in the still photographs
that become so poetic behind the glass frame
with a sigh and a breath I am still just the same

A musician by nature, a lover of people
a monk with no care for a faith under steeples
always changing my notion with songs that breathe sound
with my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Due to circus dances beyond our control...

The sky began falling and the towers caved in
Rapunzel escaped by the hair on her chin
And she landed a job by the levy down south
and was seen floatin' yonder in an old gator's mouth

When the waters rushed in and fought all resistance
to any and all who had claimed their existence
it's deafening roar was a brutal reminder
to anyone out there still trying to find her

Her Prince went to war for the King on a whim
to appease the small gods who had spoken to him
and he fought a boy soldier who died at his feet
who was laid in a grave by the road so discreet

But it didn't bring back all the love that he'd lost
and his mind may recover but still there's the cost
As he lays in the night with a thought of that King
who will never replace the lost hand for his ring

It was vengeance and violence that reared up its head
and it slept sound and warm at the foot of his bed
holding candles to mirrors reflecting its flame
with a tag on a chain that was made in his name

Each morning there's mourning from day to the night
between soul heart and mind is this relentless fight
yet the old King soon vanished right into the blue
as the spirit rekindles the light that shines through

The whip has been cracked and the hands that still feed
will be wiping the slate and the wounds that still bleed
from the heart that cries out for another long year
to bring some misfortune to gods that bring fear

Blame is the weapon and freedom's the tool
The eyes try to focus but blurred are the rules
If we end up in heaven then why speak of faith
when eternity waits for us all to embrace

Oceans make rip tides but fill up our nets
Love is emotion that some may regret
Time is the present that spins with the world
and it moves like the heavens and sits like a pearl

The feeling of happiness might be contrary
to those who reject that it's just temporary
Anger and madness will always oppose
any tears of a clown... spite of his nose.

Due to circus dances beyond our control...we are looking for a ring to hold the leader.

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai