Thursday, July 31, 2008

David "Devil" Hager

Dr. David Hager is a republican/evangelical/gynecologist. A typical choice pick from the bozos who are STILL in the white house. I found an article on Mr. Hager, recently. It's entitled Dr. Hager's family values. 
I normally don't get profane here on this blog....but Hager is full of shit.

Ask his wife....I mean his X wife.

Or watch this Bill Maher viddy...

Note: I had the WRONG picture of David Hager up and I apologize. Thank you who ever was kind enough to let me know. It must have been a hasty post that day. Though maybe he had purchased a wig.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Aggrolites

As the day disappears through my eyeballs and the internet traffic jams inhibit my browsing pace...I stumble upon an audio treasure chest. I found them at band from L.A. called


What a relief.

Click here for more on The AGGROLITES

Bad Reporter

I must say that after reading the news for an hour or two...
The Bad Reporter is an oasis of brain activity.

Be back soon

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pass the responsibility buck...

Remember the telephone game?
You don't?

How old ARE you?

It's where you get a line of people together. The more the better. At one end a person says a message to pass along to the next person. By the time the message gets to the other end, it's a mangled, warped unreasonable facsimile of what it started out as. How does ONE man do this by him self?! Bush has been playing the worlds smallest telephone game with his own self. I thought it was impossible, even theoretically, but that man plays a mean game of uniphone, don't he?
And now after 8 years of it...the next guy is going to have to do some serious deciphering of the mess that's left behind. That's what they're talking about in this article today.
It will be nice to hear Obama say ANYTHING at ANY speech
after what Bush has conditioned us to.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

What is a scraperbike?

A scraperbike?

Check out this article from the Oakland Tribune if ya want to know.

This is probably gonna be off the hook, Hyphy nation wide
real soon...

Sell Sale Sail...

You can find anything for sale on line. Just ask the magic google and you will be rewarded with multiple answers. I think it is very convenient for us to be able to sit on our behinds and shop.
It will save the economy, I know it.

So...this is dedicated to the people who can afford to shop on line.

America needs your money.
The rest of us are counting on you.
Place order shipments from
Buy 'til your credit turns blue.
Don't wait around until x mas.
Go to google and browse for your gifts.
and someone will send them to you.

And hopefully the shippers will make their gas money and we will all be happy misers one day

start here : Amazon

or here :

or here : Apple store

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spandex Cycle Girlz...

Ride with us to see a real Super Fan!

Leave it to women to make something

as simple as biking...look SO good.

There are no complaints about this topic except that maybe we need MORE of these spandex clad women to get out there in front of us and ride!

These women are not just out there messin' around either. They RIDE. They are in SHAPE. And they are not riding cheap bikes with shabby apparel. I'm talkin' about the Spandex Cycle Girl.
Cycling on 15,000 dollar frames, toned, tanned and fit!

I interviewed an S.C.G. a few days ago :

Uncle Samurai - So...ummmmm......
Spandex Cycle Girl - ....?

U.S. - uh.....excuse....uh....
SCG - What....?

U.S. - er....(sigh)....
SCG - whatever...

Now...if she wasn't wearing skin tight spandex, I could've actually formed english words, and gotten an interview. But she rode off before I could focus my brain on speaking. So I'll try again sometime. I think the next time I should be standing in front of her. And I should talk to her face.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Great News...

The BBC America channel is showing Monty Python episodes in HD, or something.

When things get you must watch old Monty Python episodes. You will get your smiles worth.

Have a good one...



Bush says that congress is to blame for the high oil prices.


How many more weeks until he's outta here?

Either way, we are all gonna have to SPEND money to make money later. There is no other way. SOMEBODY has the money. It just doesn't Dissaparate like some Harry Potter Spell, does it?

Maybe it does. Who knows?
Here is a tune about it, though...



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sound Pressure

This is the Rev...

He plays keyboard and sings for the Uptones.
I play guitar and sing for the Uptones, too. We both write songs for the band and I just want to say that one of my favorite songs is called
Sound Pressure
. The Rev wrote it. Back when the Uptones were a four piece band called the Stiff Richards.
Anyway...The song Sound Pressure is really good. It stays in your head for weeks!
It's a wonderful story about...well...just check it out.

And now...the naked lady


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Louis and Bing

Did you say lose the bling?
Louis and Bing?
Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby, that is.
Showin' us how it's done. Back in the day when there was NO pro-tools. NO second chances. It was done live and it better be GOOD!
Anyway...I always forget who the REAL professionals were. The ones who set the standards for us all. Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby were definitely top billers in my book...


And now...Naked Teeny Bloopers...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

That's what friends are for...

..under the rainbow of consciousness, the dew drops hasten in the morning light.
Soliloquies from morning birds drip melodies hither.
The frisky tails of small fury creatures waggling thither.
Nature is listening...the sky is not crying, but anticipating openness around us like heaven with a ribbon fastened...
Goodness is next to loneliness, it's arms wrapped round tight to remind loneliness of positive affirmation...
and with shoes off and bare feet exposed to the incandescent rays, my soles are free...
A bowl of fruits and berries, with a splash of goats milk and a dash of granola flakes...
My eyes take in the warmth of leftover moonlight...
My face (smack)....?
( smack smack smack....throttle ....shake...)

~Yo! Yo, yo yo! Dude! Wake up...drink this alright?
-Uh,(sip)... yeah...thanks....shit, man...what the hell happened?

~You got hit by the patchouli bandit.
-Daaaaaaamn, for real?

~Uh huh...but you'll be a' ite....just take a bath in some tomatoe juice. Add a splash of Vodka and then do,like, five bong hits in a row...put on the first Ice cube cd and/or the first public enemy record, vinyl, then....

-Then what, man?!

~Then pray my brotha...pray.
-Thanks, man...thanks...

Be aware of the patchouli bandit...this could happen to you...


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blog Pole-2

Blog Pole : a view on the comments I find on various news articles. has a story about Obamas stance on same-sex marriage...

I think Obama is so happy with his wife that he could care less WHO gets married. It worked for him. What's always WAY more interesting than stories like this...the comments. Located at the end of the article. Notice the thumbs up icons? It's fun...

If you start with page 1 and flip through them, you will see the 'types' of people that we live with. My comment is on page 44 at the bottom. I will soon write a book on the commentary, as it will give me more insight to who America is as an audience. I am finding out that America is changing alot. In all kinds of ways. Her birthday is coming up and I just wanna say that I'm proud to be a Black and Japanese American. And if you have anything funnier than the derogatory hybrid terms ' Sword-chucker' or 'car thief who can't drive'....

...please feel free to log in and comment...