Saturday, March 28, 2009

#1-What Sitting Bull might have said...if I was him now.

People of the United States of America, you might want to go out there and get a big ass coat and a bucket of sunscreen. If the ghetto, don't get ya then you can count on mother nature to bitch slap you into the next realm of common sense. You cannot argue with nature. I have seen people and heard them try to argue with nature: " I pay my bills, I'm responsible...I'd like the weather to be a little more understanding..."
-conservative republican croc owner.
Sorry doesn't work out that way.
What did happen, though, is that peopled wiped out a whole nation of ( already environmentally conscious) people, to build MASSIVE chemical plants and then waited...then waited a little more...then started complaining about the environment that they created. Not only do they complain, but when they do...OTHER people call them hippies and no one listens to a thing. (That
patchouli did not help matters at all, either. That is some foul smelling shit!) Do you know that people are the ONLY species on the planet that do this? For thousands of years the environment has been pretty fucking green, right? Then ALL OF A SUDDEN GLOBAL WARMING? No...what had happened was...well...did you see what the wicked witch of the east did to Dorothy and her crew? With the poppies? Remember? You 'member don't you? You don't 'member? It's the same thing as high tech gadgets. We've been asleep at the phone/computer. And now the glaciers are melting. All of a sudden. :) And Global warming was the wrong phrase to use on people. People are dumb as a whole. It should have been called, " Global Happenings Syndrome : natures reaction to people who are dumb as a group and not necessarily as individuals. The climate is gonna be extreme on BOTH sides. Hella hot and hella cold.WHy? Because people are HELLA STUPID. That's why. But hey...I'm not Sitting Bull...I'm one of us hella stupid people. They killed that dude, 'member? You don't 'member?

Stupid ass question for the week: Where do they make greenboard and why?

your friendly cyberhood Uncle Samurai


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I member

Lapizlazuli said...

Moose!!! Dear Musashi!!! Thanks for the post of your brother's piece... everyone loves it.

I'm having a b'day party creative sharing (music, poetry, dance) get together tonight... don't have your number... or I'd give you details... I'm headed out of town soon, so it would be lovely to see you before...