Friday, December 18, 2009

Why I Like Pink, Besides How Hot She Is...

RESPECT to Pink. She manages to say the things that should be said from a celebrity's mouth with out losing basic common sense. Whenever Pink is quoted, I usually agree with her statements as if I were listening to her at a local pub or something. She just doesn't seem that big headed about herself. A very good role model, so far, for other artists, I think...maybe Britney should listen to her...Here's that article:

Pink 'Blasts Britney For Miming'

Pink is not impressed by Britney Spears when the singer performs - because she hates the fact the 'Womanizer' star mimes to her hits.

The 'So What' singer said: "I'm not taking anything away from Britney because I really like her a lot, but I would never go to a show where the person was lip-synching." (continue reading)

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