Saturday, April 13, 2013

What you might not know about American History: The Soul of Rock 'N Roll

The history of American music is fascinating. It is a small percent of world history, but amazing nonetheless.

It tells the forgotten stories that didn't quite make it into our lessons at school.
Stories that speak of people surviving the process of manifest destiny.
First hand accounts. Information that was edited out of our own national history, to benefit the wealthy and those that seek control. Stories that allow you to really see the cause and effect of these peoples actions as they happened. And why some things are the way they are today. Some things. Not all things.

And as we grow older and more curious, we begin to wonder who some of these people were. How they endured. And information slowly becomes available by the few who take time to do the research. And we discover old stories that fit like a missing puzzle into this vast jig sawed portrait of American history. And we learn a little bit more each day about our past, as we continue to add more pieces. Which enables us to really think about who we are and what we are doing with our future.

And a lot of that missing information is available to anyone with a computer.
Anyone who is curious enough to seek it may now find it with a simple push of a button. And in an era of information and modern technology, some of us are becoming curious as to what actually happened in the last 200 years. Who are these people? And what stories lie hidden in their songs?

Here is a book with a list of some of these people if you are curious:

The Soul of Rock 'N Roll: A History of African Americans in Rock Music

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