Thursday, March 6, 2014

Post Gentrification Turrets


Kai as a Kite said...

I don't know what is causing this, I do know its good to see others acknowledging that this is occurring far too frequently in the outside world. I get that people are stuck in their ways, antisocial and addicted to technology, but it the fact of the matter is that being a decent person when out in the real world should be a little more widespread than it seems to be and they are leaving it up to others to watch out for them and make up for their disconnection to the reality around them for which there are real consequences for ignorance or distraction and so on.

Uncle Samurai said...

Agreed Kai. Some of us in America have been able to express our feelings the whole time we have been a country. Some of us in America have just recently been given that freedom of expression. And sadly, after 400 years of some weird Roman experiment, the ones who suffered that, have a lot of feelings to express. Being that they/we were finally permitted to say how they felt. Indigenous people, African-Americans, Chinese and Latin Americans were not really considered equal for the first 400 years of building this country.( America is only 200 years old) That is a lot of suppressed emotion. It's rippling effect echos in the continuum. Music, Arts and entertainment is a vent for this in America.

Then there are the folks who benefitted from the first 400 years of this country. The CEO's of yester years slave empire. They made enough wealth to last for generations to come. Americans are the recipient of this wealth. We work everyday to get a piece of it. It took genocide and gentrification to achieve that wealth status.

So there must be grieving time for that cost. How do you grieve for 400 years worth of nation building?