Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'm watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High. On HBO2. ' Member? The Movie?
Jeff Spicoli? You 'Member?
I'd vote for Spicoli before I'd even consider Palin as anything but a podium cleaner.
Isn't that amazing? I would have better faith in Jeff Spicoli as our VP for a bunch of reasons. The main reason would be that Palin would not be there to receive spiritual advice from Witch doctors on TV. Or...(whoah...I TOTALLY forgot that Forest Whittaker was in this movie.As the football player older brother dude #33 Charles Griffin. Great Trivia.) Oh and another good reason to have Spicoli instead of Palin...the pizza, man...the pizza. And of course Pheobe Cates in a bikini...a cool breeze...a nice bud...and a perfect wave. Thank God we have Obama and Biden.
Oh my god...that would be sooo cool.
Oh yeah...I almost forgot about a moment of enlightenment I had today. Did you know that every time you say " Oh My God " that you should be experiencing a moment of enlightenment? Think about it. It's practically a spiritual moment. Next time you hear some one say " Oh my god! " Think about it in this new way: First it's got the word god in it. Second, it always sounds like a moment of pure enlightenment. Third...listen to how it changes the context. "Oh my god...these shoes are, like, sooooo cool. Now here's the same context without the "oh my god."
Ready? OK. These shoes are, like , so cool. The "oh my god" tends to lift the context up a little higher and it adds a couple of O's to the word so, in this example. Another cool thing about this new philosophy... you don't have to go out and brain wash people into saying it. People already do. In fact people have been saying it for years. So next time you are hanging out with a bunch of sorority girls...listen. They may be more enlightened than you suspect. Have fun with your new enlightenment!'s the Phoebe Cates bikini fantasy scene...gotta go...


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