Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time is money

The center of the universe is a perspective that changes frequently. Every opinion seems to be at the center of the universe. How could it not be this way? Both good and bad come from maybe it's best to ignore the excess and remain close to what is at heart. Here in the city, money is the focus of everything, regardless of what is said and done. We have created a world that exists, almost solely on money. Which produces an excess of everything for some, and hardly a thing for others. So trying to retain the definition of what is close to heart seems impossible. Philosophy and speculation tend to ease the hardships of this reality, but nonetheless provide poor substitution for monetary provisions. Opinions tend to disrupt themselves between people over the topic of money. So what to do in a world crunch of economic upheaval? It's a bunch of crabs and lobsters and monkeys in a barrel, trying desperately to get to the top. And what is at the top? What is it that most of us kick and scream for? I would say that it's somewhere between being comfortable and living luxuriously. How comfortable is comfortable? And how luxurious is luxury? Ask the people on the bottom of the pile and they will tell you stories. They will tell you how they wish they were slightly comfortable. Or that if one day they could "make it" the world would be so much better. And I believe them. Especially if that is all they have in this world. All the complaints, worries and gripes about what is wrong seem to fill the barrel to the point of over flowing. And how about the people who are on the top? Do we ever hear their complaints? We used to not. But now we do. They seem to be worried about the people on the bottom. Those on top do not necessarily want to be associated with those at the bottom and will do almost anything to retain their status. It seems only natural for people to behave this way to me. I cannot find blame on either side. Why would anyone want to live in poverty? Why would anyone want to give up a luxurious life? Like I said earlier, philosophy and speculation do not provide us with a solution for this. I do not believe there is a permanent solution. Only temporary moments of happiness that we can enjoy with what we have. Rich or poor.
A friend of mine, recently, reminded me that happiness is always here. And when we find the time to put aside our distractions; momentarily step away from our responsibilities; stop counting eggs before they hatch; discontinue blaming other people for our own mistakes and insecurities(we all do that); wasting other peoples time with philosophy...happiness is there. As if it never went anywhere. And if you can enjoy it without money, I don't know what to say to you. Maybe you are actually at the center of some strange, alien universe. I dunno. But here on earth, it seems that happiness simply involves having the time to enjoy it. And if we are truly at the center of our own universe then we are surrounded by happiness all the time.
Otherwise, time is money.

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

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