Thursday, June 4, 2009

Due to circus dances beyond our control...

The sky began falling and the towers caved in
Rapunzel escaped by the hair on her chin
And she landed a job by the levy down south
and was seen floatin' yonder in an old gator's mouth

When the waters rushed in and fought all resistance
to any and all who had claimed their existence
it's deafening roar was a brutal reminder
to anyone out there still trying to find her

Her Prince went to war for the King on a whim
to appease the small gods who had spoken to him
and he fought a boy soldier who died at his feet
who was laid in a grave by the road so discreet

But it didn't bring back all the love that he'd lost
and his mind may recover but still there's the cost
As he lays in the night with a thought of that King
who will never replace the lost hand for his ring

It was vengeance and violence that reared up its head
and it slept sound and warm at the foot of his bed
holding candles to mirrors reflecting its flame
with a tag on a chain that was made in his name

Each morning there's mourning from day to the night
between soul heart and mind is this relentless fight
yet the old King soon vanished right into the blue
as the spirit rekindles the light that shines through

The whip has been cracked and the hands that still feed
will be wiping the slate and the wounds that still bleed
from the heart that cries out for another long year
to bring some misfortune to gods that bring fear

Blame is the weapon and freedom's the tool
The eyes try to focus but blurred are the rules
If we end up in heaven then why speak of faith
when eternity waits for us all to embrace

Oceans make rip tides but fill up our nets
Love is emotion that some may regret
Time is the present that spins with the world
and it moves like the heavens and sits like a pearl

The feeling of happiness might be contrary
to those who reject that it's just temporary
Anger and madness will always oppose
any tears of a clown... spite of his nose.

Due to circus dances beyond our control...we are looking for a ring to hold the leader.

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

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