Monday, October 24, 2011

AmA Evolution : Nadiyah Lewis- Sincerity, Soul and Sophistication

I have been a musician for 27 years in the Sf Bay Area. My taste in music is about as eclectic as the people of this area. We get folks from all over the world and it is our responsibility to write and play them good music. I have seen what turns people on and off. From rock to soul to country and blues. Funk, punk, classical, pop, electronic and of course, hip hop. Some of these styles have been enhanced by technology: auto tune, sampled backing vocal tracks, special audio enhancing effects, etc...

But when folks start spending hard earned money to go to see a band perform, they're usually looking for raw talent. A voice to deliver a message with sincerity, soul and sophistication. Someone to act as a channel between the driving, live sound of the band and the audience. Someone to identify with during this life long journey. And as I mentioned earlier, technology has allowed almost anyone to emulate and replicate the sound of talent, but few will be acknowledged as someone with a natural gift of music.

What I hear from Nadiyah Lewis is natural and raw talent. Hers is a voice that rings loud and clear beyond any synthesis or enhanced version of vocal melody. Enriched with that wisdom of clarity so coveted by singers we have grown up with and still listen to today. Mick Jagger is one of those singers who has said his attempt to sound like a black lady should be more than apparent. Because he loves the sound. It's a voice that tells the history and struggle of African/Americans alike. It is a sound that comes from the very roots of this amazing country. A sound that has always been at the heart of our music and culture in America. And there is no better example of it once you hear the real thing.

Nadiyah Lewis, the singer of AmA Evolution is exactly that.
Delivered live with sincerity, soul and sophistication. Something we all love to see more and more of during these strange, crazy and benevolent days...

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