Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Laws And Sausage - The Uptones of The United States Of America

Winston Churchill said,

And most of us agree. The process in which laws (and sausage) are made is a horrible and disgusting, step by step process. In ordinary day to day peace we may find disagreements. Disagreements can turn into to arguments. Arguments turn into fights. Fights lead to political upheavals. Political upheavals turn into war. The winner of wars make new laws to reestablish peace. A bizarre cycle. It is a strange hoola hooping of history, I say. But that isn't the worst of it. Nay. The greed that motivates politics is the worst of it. The reasons politicians go to war are usually not that complicated. It's always for money and the power to control the money. The method is this type of madness. And it destroys everything in its path.

With that being said, I would like to lighten the subject matter.

My good friend Eric Din from The Uptones has addressed this topic with one of my favorite methods of topic addressing. With a song. A catchy song, too. An amazingly well written and very poetic reprise of Churchill's quote. A tune called Laws and Sausage. This tune has a habit of getting stuck on replay in my brain for hours. I had so much fun with The Uptones when we recorded this. I think this song should be attached to our national anthem, actually. A mandatory musical suffix, if you will.


A brilliant woman named Lisa McElroy took The Uptones' "Laws and Sausage" song and illustrated it most poetically with archival footage, says Eric on his new facebook page called Laws and Sausage. Check it out if you want to get your rant on. I will see you there if you do. And now...

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