Friday, March 2, 2012

Bad Bad Man Award for March 2012: Rush Limbaugh

This week's Bad Bad Man Award goes to the big, fat, racist, drug-addicted, lying, hypo-critical idiot himself:
Rush Limbaugh.
Or Rush Limpbowells, as I would prefer.

It has been way too long that we the people of the United States of America have had to listen to his chauvinistic pedantic and condescending attitude, squealing like a stuck pig on our national radio stations. It really is a testament to our tolerance as a people that we have honored our freedom of speech amendment for this long, considering the ineptitude of this loquacious backwards thinking butt-tard. And I may add that it is nobody's fault, really, that such a man could be so insecure about his own perverted weakness, that he would need to pop pills for endurance. Nobody's fault except Rush, that is.

Did I say pills?

Rush Limpbowell's latest scandal revolves around the continuing rhetoric and paranoia about birth control pills, so vehemently expressed by the majority of the GOP party. Now, of all the issues in the world I can think of that involve the shallow concerns of a helltarded glob of misery, I would think that pills would be the last. Because...if anyone should be the authority on any type of pill that is prescribed by a doctor (or not), I'm thinking Rush Limpbowell's name would not, could not and should not have ever EVER been brought up. Because after his famous Oxycontin episode (the drug now synonymous to Rush Limbaugh's name) I would think he'd have just kept his big greasy pork lips shut. But nooooo. Not Rush Limpbowells.
He can't shut up. It's impossible. He speaks from his bowells. And they are limp. And greasy.

For one, he has a shit load of fans who just loooooove him. And since the election of Obama, they have all been up in arm's fat over this black president thing, and the "state of our nation" and all that ridiculous racist paranoid bullshit. And maybe it's because they are all so very very afraid that one the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...white people will become...
(you may wanna sit down for this)
The minority.
And OH man, can you imagine what's gonna happen on that fine day? Every. Single. Civil rights amendment issue that ever was will be there for the skewering by the brand new minority:
the almighty white people. And I don't mean good decent white people. Most of them don't even see it as an issue because of their decency and common sense. I am specifically talking about the ones who are racist, evil, ignorant, sexist and dumb as a door nail. The ones who were, in fact, the very reason that civil rights had to be made into an issue in the first place. Yep, those fuckers. And they are all gathering momentum with the help of the tea baggers, the right wing GOP'ers, the neo nazis and ass tards like Rush Limpbowells. And in their little pee sized brains they have made arrangements with their higher power above to make this a holy crusade. (I knoooow. It's pretty fucking redonkulous, the consistency of these types.) And they breed like wild Jackal-Rabbits in the night, making it a holy law of the sacred cross to never use birth control. They are so far into their insanity that they are just gonna come out and say that rape should now be accepted as another way to make more pretarded babies. (Yup, I said pretarded. I don't want to insult the mentally disabled by comparing them to these helltards, such as Rush Limpbowells). Having rape babies means they have a better chance of converting brand new humans into Rush Limpbowell types, so that the almighty (racist) white people won't go extinct. Yes, that is what they are afraid of now. They fear equality. Still. (I knoooow) Which is the root of their insecurity. This insecurity starts when they are young. It's taught to them when they are little babies. Isn't that fascinating?

But it's no mystery that a lot of them grow up
to be exactly like Rush Limpbowells:
A Bad Bad Man.

Your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

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