Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spandex Cycle Girlz...

Ride with us to see a real Super Fan!

Leave it to women to make something

as simple as biking...look SO good.

There are no complaints about this topic except that maybe we need MORE of these spandex clad women to get out there in front of us and ride!

These women are not just out there messin' around either. They RIDE. They are in SHAPE. And they are not riding cheap bikes with shabby apparel. I'm talkin' about the Spandex Cycle Girl.
Cycling on 15,000 dollar frames, toned, tanned and fit!

I interviewed an S.C.G. a few days ago :

Uncle Samurai - So...ummmmm......
Spandex Cycle Girl - ....?

U.S. - uh.....excuse....uh....
SCG - What....?

U.S. - er....(sigh)....
SCG - whatever...

Now...if she wasn't wearing skin tight spandex, I could've actually formed english words, and gotten an interview. But she rode off before I could focus my brain on speaking. So I'll try again sometime. I think the next time I should be standing in front of her. And I should talk to her face.


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