Monday, July 28, 2008

Pass the responsibility buck...

Remember the telephone game?
You don't?

How old ARE you?

It's where you get a line of people together. The more the better. At one end a person says a message to pass along to the next person. By the time the message gets to the other end, it's a mangled, warped unreasonable facsimile of what it started out as. How does ONE man do this by him self?! Bush has been playing the worlds smallest telephone game with his own self. I thought it was impossible, even theoretically, but that man plays a mean game of uniphone, don't he?
And now after 8 years of it...the next guy is going to have to do some serious deciphering of the mess that's left behind. That's what they're talking about in this article today.
It will be nice to hear Obama say ANYTHING at ANY speech
after what Bush has conditioned us to.


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