Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Being scared of "McCan't" is a natural and instinctual human reaction...

If you look close, you can still see the lipstick on her snout...

Palin -face and McCan't are really scary pig dogs. That is just a personal opinion of which I am glad I have right now. I would really dislike myself if I was some Botox-ridden, apathetic, conservative, republican yuppie with no opinion, whatsoever. All I hear from folks that I know is how scary these two pig dogs are, and how SCARED people are.

GOOD. That's the first step in realizing something as important as this. Now that we are all scared about the same thing, we can start dealing with the second step. 
ANGER. Hello and welcome to my world of rants and raves. Yeah, I have always been the good listener. Ask anyone at the coffee shop who decides to sit down and dump a bunch of their morning frustrations on me, tell me they enjoy my guitar playing...and then bounce off to work.
Don't get me wrong, these are my friends I'm talking about. I just never say anything back and usually just walk home and turn all of this into song material. Like Rumpelstiltskin spinning straw into gold, I guess. But with the latest concoction of the republican candidates, I find it difficult to "Bob Dylan" my way through this particular sequence of political mayhem and rhetorical feces. It would probably be nicer for my next door neighbors if I didn't monologue this stuff first...but...you know, it would also be nicer if Obama was already our president. 

SO...here is a link that I got from my  friend Rachel about McCan't. It has some quotes directly from the horses mouth. His opinion on nuking Iraq to teach them a lesson...um...his thoughts on more Nuclear bombs that should've been dropped on Japan...his opinion of American women....it's more than disgusting, vile and crass. It gives us a clear definition of the minds of the people who want someone like this in charge of our ENTIRE stock of Nuclear weapons. 

I know that blogging will achieve very little...but it sure feels GOOD!


Uncle Samurai

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