Monday, September 8, 2008

Someone Like Me

OK...enough of the political ranting and raving. I think that if Sarah Palin was trapped in a fire, I would not hesitate to rescue her. Politics is another way to observe people. And that should be a reminder of how buddhist my nature is.

Getting back to what I do best...

Music. I live and breathe it. I sacrifice social time for it. I walk away from some of the most beautiful women and relationships because of it.
It is the blood of life for me.
Perhaps, it might to be one of the last true ambassadors between individuals. A remedy that provides no solution. A simple melody to enhance the beat of our hearts as we pass through moments of time. To dance the night away. A quick break from the office or a soundtrack to a commute through the city or country.

As I watch technology advance, I sit back and ponder the endless possibilities of 8 simple notes.
A real live instrument, as I have said, is something that cannot produce a sound while unattended. It must be played, manually in real time. It takes time to learn this. It takes time to create muscle memory. It takes more than a simple notion to edit rough drafts into acceptable phrases and stanzas; melodies that become codependent. And during this long and drawn out process I have become a musician. It sure feels good some days. I remind myself everyday...

Anyway, I found an old song that I recorded maybe 6 years ago, before my trip to London. It was all I could say to a woman before we ended our 2 year relationship.
I played all instruments and performed all singing duties. Recording this one track at a time with my good friend Jon Robin at his studio. He felt empathy for my troubled heart and refused to charge me a single cent. I will always feel indebted to him for his kindness.

This song entitled "Someone Like Me"



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