Thursday, April 23, 2009

The First Mohican

A mundane existence is usually the result of too much pondering and an over zealous appeal for philosophy. Money is not the solution to my problems. It seems to be the remedy for my solutions. As time keeps ticking I find that a temporary relief of sanity is all I can really ask for.

Many of us sit for long periods of time and wonder about the feelings that life gives us. We wonder what the point of trying to attain happiness is all about if it's just a temporary feeling that passes. And the older we get, the more we have to wonder about. We spend years at school constantly filling up the mind with more information. We pay for it, too. Then we spend even more time trying to rationalize these feelings with others over conversation.

So what is the point here? Why am I writing this down for you to read? Because I can. And that makes me happy. I have answers that will always work for me and I do my best to share them with random people of this earth. With consideration of the effect that it has on others, I sit in a dim lit room and ponder the evidence of my own personal history. I edit my findings, feelings and discoveries and begin the process of what has always been referred to as songwriting. It is simply what I do for a living. It is what I practice. It is, subsequently, for the entire world to enjoy, and in doing so, I have created a hybrid of selfish and generous virtues to live by.

I have been this way for 25 years now. So it is natural for me to be anti social. If one practices everyday for this long, it is inevitable that the results will be close to, or the same as anti social. Artists are logged into the books of history as being this type of person, usually.

This type of anti social behavior must be compared to normal social behavior in order to retain its definition. I define normal social behavior as someone who talks often. As someone who exists primarily as a spoken voice to be heard and acknowledged. Most people that just sit there like an Indian staring at a tree are usually judged as strange, contrived or weird. To speak is to be normal. How can we avoid this with the invention of cell phones? We are expected to speak. Most people don't even realize how much they do until they are standing next to someone that does not. It is what separates us from animals, plants and insects, is it not?

It's more the pace of spoken language that often takes me by surprise. The ability that some people have to rapidly connect their thoughts to their mouths, I find amazing at times. But like I said, it's what you practice everyday that makes you a natural at it. I can always be held accountable for my inability to keep up with the speed of normal paced conversation. But I can not hold people to the fact that they cannot play a series of notes on a guitar as fast as I can.

I find no right or wrong opinion in any of this. Like I also said, remedies are my thing. Not final solutions. What seems important to most people,anyway, is the volley of opinions. Either written or spoken. We have all become acquainted with the on line comment box these days. Those go on forever and usually do not stay focused on original topic of discussion. Then there's all the accidental eaves dropping that we must endure around cell phone users.

In retrospect, music seems to remedy all of this.
And moderation is still the key.


With respect to the last Mohican who sat silently and peacefully, attempting to stare at a tree...I sometimes feel like the first Mohican in a world of loquacious beings.

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

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Love Finds You said...

Anti social or selectively social?
Hermit or seeking respite from the masses?
Your writing is very thought provoking.