Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a Mog Mog Mog world of music!

Music fans/artists/publishers and even nekkid college chicks are enjoying themselves at! ( I have no idea who that girl is...ask deadmandeadman at Mog! )
Music+Blog=Mog. Got it?
Cool... I work and post music for Mp3 4U, which is really cool, but I have to admit...Mog kicks some major booty for on line music enjoyment!! They have the most amazing library of tunes from frikken EVERYBODY and their grand ma. After downloading the mogomatic player to your computer, you can browse and go bubba bubba buck wiley on some tunes. From Billy Joel to Prince to Fishbone to Carly Simon to Paul Simon to The Fugees and hella other artists from all over the world wide web. And then say what ever you wanna say about it in a blog. It's INSANE, the variety of tunes you can find at!
They have recently expanded into a bigger site, too. Which is a good sign. In this economic crisis, it's impressive to see any site growing... So...I aint sayin' you need to join or anything...I'm sayin' that I have and it was worth posting this blog about mog!

Your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai


david hyman said...

yo. david hyman, founder of MOG here. glad you're diggin' the new MOG. just wait until you see what we got coming soon. some major sheet coming.....

Uncle Samurai said...

Thank you sir!
It's well deserved...your site kicks ass!