Monday, April 27, 2009

The Winds Of Change

The people of this world are so amazing
the issues always hot and close to blazing
a sideways glance reveals the headline news
and slowly turns into our attitudes

Amidst the crime and stealing we endure
to constantly remind ourselves for sure
that life is always forward or it's still
depending on the incline of the hill

Momentum is a thing that we all trust
it's in between and inside all of us
we pass it like a yawn when we sit down
it fuels the humor trapped inside the clown

It holds our heads up high when we lean back
it brings our loved ones home safe from Iraq
when all is lost and drowning in frustration
it births again in forms of inspiration

The mind can suffer terribly sometimes
treading in the currants we defy
flipping in the wind much like a sail
the captain holding steady to post bail

Money is the remedy for all
solutions for this world will rise and fall
temporary sanity is bliss
the past has passed by simply saying "this"

So hold on to this dream inside your heart
hold it like an old man holds a fart
laugh in all directions of the wind
dance and eat and drink start again


your friendly cyber hood
Uncle Samurai

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