Monday, September 21, 2009

Po' Tree For Tea Baggers

As an artist/musician/writer, I'm always looking for the next batch of inspiration. I didn't have to look that far this week. The Tea Baggers are back! These folks send poetry straight to my cerebral. And since they are using the Tea Bagging as a theme...I thought I'd refresh my brain with some limericks. AND...I'll add in Health Care Reform to make it a hybrid topic for all you PC folks out there...

Topic for limericks:
Tea Bagging/Health Care Reforms

There once was a group of odd folks
Who thought they had started a joke
The punchline was wrong
and was way way too long
in their throat and they started to choke

The people they googled and crawled
Then they filled up the city town halls
The speaker was heard
And they ate every word
But to some the words tasted like balls

For eight years we had to lament
About psychotic vice presidents
Who dip their kahoners
In the banks of home owners
While having a gun accident

The news doesn't give it much thought
And you left wingers all know the plot
You'll argue and hag
As they dip a fresh bag
In your face for the next photo shot

If you were there standing so free
On a boat full of people at sea
Would you haggle the cost
Of a life jacket tossed
While the ones overboard float like tea

If things weren't a little bit odd
Maybe folks need a new healthcare plot
Maybe lights from the sky
As the lord Jesus sighs
And says Health Care's a message from God

So...have a nice week.

your friendly cyerhood
Uncle Samurai

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