Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't Forget To Remember...

Hey y''s the economic depression treating you these days? That bad? Yeah...this sucks.
I've never seen SO many people down and out about money. Thanks Cheney... Thanks Bush...

I remember when...

I used to feel "special" when I could tell people that I was a "starving musician." There was a uniqueness to it that allowed me to "stand out in a crowd." I was identified as a "muse" much quicker than these days, I tell you. There was always some empathetic sandwich nearby. The financially comfortable folks would often hear my version of the music with the pretty words and put bills in my empty cup. " Hear ya go dude...go get somethin' to eat. You're good! People like you should stay alive more often..."
And I would survive using that natural method. Back in those days people would give me other stuff, too. Like beer, which I'd hand to someone because I don't drink. Coffee, which I love. Weed, which I' I forgot. Oh well. They'd also offer me LSD, Coke, Speed and other toxic chemicals which everyone knows is no good. I never understood Coke, really. Coffee always worked better and was way cheaper. I always preferred coffee. It was enough.
And I would produce music for those wonderful, generous people in return. And we all seemed happier back then. Now, keep in mind, all those things can take it's toll on a person.

Now a days, I just drink coffee and medicate myself with herb.
Alcohol and synthetic drugs are bad for you and hard to moderate. There was even a study on it.
Check this video out:

Don't forget to remember:

-Keep yourself busy during these hard times.
-Listen to music.
Here are some free legal music sites I work for:
Super Fan 2009 - Public Domain 2ten - Ska 4U
( in no scam, fee, or know how I roll...)
-Enjoy your time with the people you love.
-Hard times exist temporarily.
-Don't do all the drugs.
-This is America...a land of opportunity. comes the weekend.
Have a good one...

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai


Aram said...

Moose, you probably don't remember me from about 9 years ago. I started learning piano at Blakes watching you guys play. Anyway, I've had a camcorder video of you guys playing and I finally got it digitized. I put it up on youtube. Send me your email and I'll send you the links. Or you can search for your name on youtube. After i moved back to LA, I went to many blues bars, and you guys are still the best. i went back in 2007 for a visit and was sad to see that there's no more Monday blues.
I even have on that video the very first time I played blues in public, on Chris Burns' piano. it was horrible!

Uncle Samurai said...

Are you the guy that made masks of every band members face?