Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Po'tree: Gender division

When I was a kid I would walk down the street

Kickin' old cans with the shoes on my feet

I would smile at ladies just passing my way

" What a cute little boy that you are! " they would say

Back when my face seemed to light up the sky

The women would lean down and audibly sigh

I would tell them hello and they'd say hi right back

Life as a kid was a joy and a fact

I grew older and taller and things seemed to change

Women would soon start to look at me strange

And with no one to blame I would find myself walking

I'd say hello nicely but they soon stopped talking

In fact they would sometimes just cross the street boldly

or walk by and look down the sidewalk quite coldly

and I was confused for a year or two then

Adapting to how women acted towards men

All those dudes that would shout," aye yo bitch!" were my age

and I'd question their motive when I hit the stage

and the news headlines reinforced stereo typing

The rapes and the murders and kidnap hyping

The fear and the shame that we all grow up learning

the actions of many we find disconcerning

have somehow divided us there on the street

as we walk down the sidewalk with eyes on our feet

and it's more civil now as our history tells us

those ancient old conquerers happy to kill us

A barrel of apples that spoil and shame us

Have laid down the wood work that constantly frames us

Now I see women with phones in their hand

as soon as they find themselves near some strange man

That look on their face that says no one may claim them

But honestly I have no reason to blame them

This gender division that makes up the nation

Relying on alcohol for procreation

How many children are born every year

because someone got drunk and discarded the fear?

I've seen women drunk and I've seen women sober

Drunk and so willing, cold clean and sober

And please don't remind me of drunk frat boy classes

inserting things into their sleeping friends asses

Girls raised to run from the men that they see

and men must give chase to implant a life seed

And women keep talking and men blow things up

Is this fact or pure fiction in my coffee cup?

When I was kid...

your friendly Cyberhood

Uncle Samurai

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