Monday, August 9, 2010


Into your mind like an ADD virus
My pen bleeds ink deep into the papyrus
Causing reaction that flips the ignition
The gears grind with sparks and resets your cognition

Mentally challenged with fierce indignation
you sit and you think without much contemplation
a weakness inside that was bred in your mind
you are searching for souls that are easy to find

And what makes you tick? This convenient bright light?
that has trapped you like retarded moths in the night
as you dig through the dirt with no shovel in hand
just a keyboard, some codes and no realistic plans

There you are with hands clasped, laughing and smurking
your wormhole techniques are suspicious and lurking
the time you have spent has been worth your account
which I hear has been thoroughly scanned and checked out

GPS satellites fixed on position
owned by the folks who are here by condition
to listen and read every word that's omitted
judgements enhanced by the oath they've admitted

Some say my words are indeed inspiration
an act of pure balance to weigh out this nation
an act of defense to the pitiful face
who was on this page long enough now to be traced

Your friendly Cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

1 comment:

Love Finds You said...

Reminds me of "Closetland," a movie that seems to be off the radar and impossible to find now...