Monday, August 29, 2011

Po' tree: Rekindled

She left her heart on a sleeve somewhere
In a house full of mirrors with gold ladened stairs
No police reports filed just conventional grief
And that elegant loathing of new disbelief

Is it pain that keeps teaching the lessons we learn
In a world just as hot as the coal we have burned
As she sees herself passing in honest reflection
The bar window glass housing all introspection

Regrets can seem cheap and a waste of your time
If life is a lemon then squeeze out that lime
And drink to your future in good moderation
But don't stay too long at the old thinking station

Money and paper are both made of trees
That she swings from each day on the value trapeze
Making ends meet just enough for the soul
Is not complicated and never grows old

She tucks a large bill in a homeless mans hand
As she walks away hoping he might understand
That a gift from the heart saves a mind lost in grief
Yes it works for the giver and those who receive

At home she is greeted by mans best friend
Her smile gets that tail up and wagging again
No comparison there to a pets loyalty
A companion with nothing but pure honesty

Each wag of that tail might be counting the loss
Of the life she just left and intentionally tossed
No more lies and false greed, no more cold hearted stares
From that cruel mindless self centered rich millionaire

And the words from her childhood echo so clearly
Once told by her grandmother spoken so dearly
"A rich man will own any poor girl who's willing
To trade her own soul for the heart that he's killing"

But gone is that sweater she clung to in grief
And the years that she spent with her heart on his sleeve
The mind is a spark and the soul is the flame
and your life is rekindled again just the same

Your friendly Cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

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corydegregorio said...

You convey emotion beautifully in your writing and music.