Friday, June 20, 2008

Comment on my comment on my comment on my comment....

Every morning...
I wake up and immediately go get coffee. It's gotta be that way or I cannot deal with the pace of things very well. People move pretty fast these days. Most everything is computer assisted. And the high speed of internet service may have provided us with an involuntary momentum factor we rarely notice. That's right...I'll blame computers.
Either first.
 Then I can get on line and read some articles that blur under the headlines. The reason they blur? I'm racing my coffee'd brain to get to the comments. THE COMMENTS DUDE!! The article may have been written well. Or not. But whatever the literary value's never as entertaining as the commentary.
The worse people can put down an issue the better. If there's an article about someone being arrested...then the comments are usually saying "burn, hang, or shoot" as SOON as possible. If you comment with something that is wishy washy...the comment sharks turn on you for a feeding frenzy. There is blood in these virtual waters.

I bet psychologists and therapists are losing money here. People are allowing themselves to vent on their own for free. And it's a free for all, too. On the site, they have a thumbs up or down voting icon you can select for each commentator. And if YOU are leaving a comment you can select a vote for your self. JUST ONE. No more. I remember leaving a comment that was pretty neutral. I come back and find 39 or so thumbs down on my comment. And like 6 thumbs up. Which means my personal opinion has been divided into two groups. It's crazy, man. I can't get enough, it seems. The meaner and nastier you are....the more thumbs up votes you get.
I might do another experiment.... I'm gonna log on with a puppy as my icon and say nice things only. I bet I get kicked off the commentary page!
 Then I'm gonna get a picture icon of a soccer mom with an uzi. She's gonna tell people to F**k off every other broken sentence fragment or stick it up your narrow little A** if you don't back the hell off.
I bet I win  a pulitzer with latter choice...

                                                                                               Anyway...I found this pic and really like it.

Ya gotta admit that we Americans are kinda rough around the edges.
I'm definitely proud to be one. I'm a blues more American can ya get?


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