Friday, June 13, 2008

A universal remedy with no solution...

When I was a freshman at Berkeley high I thought that music was the key to happiness.
I looked around at all the different 'clics', groups and social classes and realized that I would be a part of something that connected them all. A bonding agent that has always been categorized as a universal language :Yes, the music. So I signed up for classical guitar class. In fact about 5 or 6 of us did, and we reported to the old A building on the north west side of campus. It was an early class. About 8:30am. To us, a descript motley crew of young teenage metal heads, music class was still a class and our rebel attitude preceeded us. To conform. To participate with the other 'normal' kids. A sacrilegious social endeavor that made us cringe in our shredded jeans and rock and roll t-shirts. Except we were wrong.
The teacher gave us a choice. He said that if we wanted to be a part of the class we could. But that if we just wanted to check out a few guitars and go play them at the top of the stairwell...that would be fine. So we chose the latter. And that's how we started our mornings for a semester. It was an option that made everyone happy. I mean, looking back, I don't think ANYONE would have learned anything if we had been forced to actually participate with the other students...
I mean...look at us...

That's me on the far right with the headband.
Anyway...I'm glad I chose music.
It is a universal remedy with no solution.
Check out this article :

In a different way, I'm sure that bassist feels good about her choice, too.


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Love Finds You said...

I'm glad you chose music too.
Sharing your talent and genius is a gift to the world.