Wednesday, February 11, 2009

At the Uptones' Skanking Fools Dance Contest, Ska Reigns Supreme

"He told me ska was dead, so I dialed 9-1-1..."

I wrote those lyrics a couple years ago in my dingy garage and now I get to hear ska fans sing them out loud at our shows! It's a breath taking experience to behold. I am lucky to be a part of a continuous, growing scene, here in the Bay Area. Ska has rekindled itself in the
youth of today's modern, busy and hectic world. And ya have to be in shape to dance a full ska set! The music allows that to happen naturally. The fashion has always been prevalent. The moves that I saw these people pulling off! Who goes to a Britney Spears show and does a backflip? Unless you are her manager, I would assume that no one does.

Anyway, thank you Nate for capturing this particular show with words of inspiration. Thanks to the Street Vendors and Hectic. We look forward to playing again soon...And thanks to the SKANKING FOOL for making this all happen!

Here is the article from the East Bay Express Newspaper

And here is a link to more info on upcoming Uptones shows!

SKA is the limit!

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Uncle Samurai

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T.J. Brown said...

that is tight. i listen to a little ska here and there, but to hear about the genre growing a large following shows music reigns supreme in this time of economic blah.....i'm not from the bay, but this sounds awesome.

[and to think you def wrote those lyrics, just to hear em shouted out loud......that would send chills down my spine, man]