Sunday, February 22, 2009

Save the kittens!!

There are demons out there! They have kitten farms. Yes...don't freak out or gasp too hard, but it's virtually true! Somewhere between hell and that hand basket, lies the property which they had built upon: Kitten Slave Farmland Housing Project

That's right ... THE KSFHP (scream)

Ya see, it's a cruel world every time you take a look and I'll spare you the horrible details that animal planet aired last night, but while I was in my head this morning I came up with a plan: for every cd that we sell on i tunes, they release one kitten, possibly returning it to the worried cat/mom, who is in despair right now...poor pussy mommy...

So NOW YOU can save the pussy from the demons by acting now!!

They're little furry kittens, man...come on!

Buy Uptones cd on line!!!

Thanks and let's do this for pussy


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