Monday, February 2, 2009

Hit it and quit it! Phelps Stylee...

Just when I thought Phelps was not cool anymore...NOW he has my full earned respect as a professional. It takes alot of weed to focus in today's mad mad mad world of multi tasking distractions. You HAVE to inhale deep, too. I know. I have 3 quart swimmers lungs, well at least I did when I was 16. And it helps to have gynormous lungs when you are smoking weed with your friends. I had a friend nick named " Iron Lungs Mc Gintess" and whenever anyone hit the bong after him, it was like inhaling an ashtray. Nada. Nothing. Might as well be smokiing air biscuits with gramps...
Anyway we need to help Phelps by supporting his past habits. The media doesn't give a rats ass that he is clean now. So I say anyone with a graffix should step forward and lend Phelps your support so that the media monster doesn't
"goody two shoes" him to death.
Weed smokers tend to stay home and contemplate things like quantum physics, spherical algebra, the fulcrum on the weed scale, hella fine ass girls that should be calling soon....and MUSIC!!

Have a great day and night! And remember...inhale AS you's also a good swimmers habit if you are competing!

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