Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Delegators

The Delegators are a UK rock steady ska band. I just found out who they are today.
I have posted 3 blogs so far. I hope they come to the USA some time. I have not heard a singer like that in such a long time. She was singing with a band! Not some auto pitch pro tools sound effect program. A band! You can feel it when a real singer hits ya, too. That's what reminds us of our very soul, sometimes. It's obvious when it happens. And in todays world of gadget funksters, it's a rare moment when my soul says, "..HEY...who is THAT singing?!? "
I was moved, to say the least.
No Bots please...let the lady sing...

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai


Din said...

totally freakin' true. thanks for the tip, these cats are AWESOME!!

Tuesdai said...

...I'll have to check them out some more, I'm intrigued. Happy Valentine's Day to you!