Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't Fret Unless You Love To...

What I do for music is what I can't stop doin'
Whether flyin' high lovin' or shoe fly shooin'
it's the core of my soul and the sound of my heart
and it always sounds better when it's torn apart

I'm connected to center of the cosmic swap
and if I sweep you off your feet with a six string mop
you can bet yourself a dollar that you'll end up wet
under clouds rainin' sunshine but don't you fret

Unless you love to tell me that I'm trouble squared
I would play to tease the goddess with the golden hair
and the wrath and the frenzy that I make will pass
when the gods of love knock me right on my ass

But I always bounce back like a basket case
and the thoughts on my mind aint the look on my face
just brush the dust off with a moon shine grin
as familiar as it sounds here I go again

All the people know me better when I'm in discreet
with the strange lady walkin' to the feel of the beat
she's a hard smilin' fast talkin' serpent of fire
she's the reason that I dream what I now transpire

and here she comes back to give me lovin' again
sweet note after note that doesn't seem to end
introducing me to strangers that I've met before
and she pushes them in through that old back door

In the chair of a swing with a mood and a ring
to the heavens I beckon the wreckin' machine
she's a long sultry night of affection and squeezes
the more she demands is the more that it pleases

The morning light filters out the mood in my blues
I chase it with a cigarette and charge up the fuse
You can hardly see my spirit from the smoke I'm spewin'
What I do for music is what I can't stop doin'

...and now...
A musical interlude by
your friendly cyber hood
Uncle Samurai

and oh yeah
The Musashi Trio returns soon to a venue near you


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