Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When Life Is Like This...

When life is like this, it becomes that again...

In between vague and uncertainty lies the heart, mind and soul. To point out the last foot print on the path; and the next. To acknowledge the beauty in the smiles that hide in strangers faces. A place in the body to store the knowledge and wisdom that we walk with. To change the lies back to truth. To hold on to love.

In remembering this we strive to attain the pleasures that taste and feel good. To gain strength in the lessons that life brings us. To share these lessons with those we hold dear to us; and to those that may be in need. I told a friend of mine that helping a friend is the same as healing your own self. And that if it does not manifest healing, to continue on with your own. And that in time, we revolve within a cycle that changes anyway. You will be there one day; changed. And when you arrive you will hardly know that you have. Until you realize that the heart mind and soul have been filled with spirit again. Which is the smile that others notice in you. And the reflected smile in the mirror.

This era of technology holds us to our very wits. Every day we forfeit cognitive memory for convenience and instant gratification. And I have noticed the change within my very self. I am aware of people who float down the sidewalks, logged in to a device that has no natural connection with anything. People seem to be tuned in to the new distractions that distract us from the all the negative distractions going on all over the world. As a child, we had less frequent knowledge of current events. As an adult we are fed information almost every couple of hours. That is a huge difference. It drives some of us to the point of giving up the very attitude that holds everything together. It steps in between the bonds of family and friends, at times. And strangely enough, brings us together.

And so content we are to realize what it is that makes us happy. And as soon as we get that feeling inside of us, we do not want to watch it go away. Some of us hold on to it with a grip so fierce that it gets ripped away, suddenly. And so begins the plummet into confusion and mental chaos. Where emotion over rides the senses and the gap between genders gets wider. Men seem to react from the neck down; physically. Women seem to react from the neck up; verbally. Leaving us with a blank stare, attempting to analyze the differences. And then later, we do the opposite as we try to understand the opposite sex more. Repeat...

Well, we are all the same, really. We just take turns being in context with each other, right? Or else the whole world would be at peace and we would all be on the same page. But the world of people isn't like that at all. So what I try to do is understand that my context is always adjusting. The context in which I am in at all times is always changing, wherever I go. It sort of relies on other peoples, at times. And then when I am alone, I create music with it.

For those of you who are fine with your self; your heart, mind and soul...remember...there are always those who are not and are in need of healing. And I bid my respect to the ones who who are strong enough, right now, to help others. Knowing that when it is your turn, you will be reimbursed with kindness and empathy. That is what life is to me right now. It has become that and all the music in my heart. And so wanders off the love I cherished. To leave me with a new beginning that must start everyday. And so it must...start with my own smile.

And that is my deepest regards to all who know me.

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

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