Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The World Will Content Me

Look at the world and you see what you see
it is there being everything that it can be
down the valleys of hope through the windows we stare
knowing life rises up like the wind in your hair

And it blows round the truth into minds that take hold
as I search for the love in the stories I've told
I can dream the impossible while I'm asleep
as I wake to find nothing I've held was for keeps

As it goes I find strength in the loss of all things
a collection of fortified woes so it seems
the emptiness now is the space I once owned
for the harvest of soul is my time spent alone

For the music that drifts through the cosmos somehow
falls in layers of apathy from then and now
And it doesn't reciprocate feelings of shame
but the melodies dance and they sing just the same

It is happiness found that is happiness shared
we make this condition to show that we care
when it's gone it's amazing how quick it gets taken
and travels to those who have dreams for the making

Yet I am convinced that my place in this world
is to sit and make musical diamonds and pearls
as the news heats our anger to red hot degrees
I will forge out the jewels made of sweet melodies

Through frustration and sadness and so much to do
under skies that turn lullabies dark from light blues
in the madness of all that I never could be
is the same moon light glow that she once had for me

So I walk through the fire again with no plans
and maybe someone will walk with me again
or I'll point the direction and give some advice
that the road to my heart is like warm melted ice

But I'll always explain that my reasons for living
are there in the songs that I just can't stop giving
I'm humble to grieve for the love that just left me
as long as she's happy the world will content me

The mind creates God with a notion to laugh
and it looks for more words in the still photographs
that become so poetic behind the glass frame
with a sigh and a breath I am still just the same

A musician by nature, a lover of people
a monk with no care for a faith under steeples
always changing my notion with songs that breathe sound
with my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai