Monday, August 17, 2009

Sex Drugs and Blog n' Purge: TMSD-O9 virus found in airwaves!

I like sex. Don't you? It's got nothing to do with this article. Just making the title seem poetic...

I'm a blogger. Some days when I am lazy, I find articles that were already written and published, I copy and paste them here and do not expect anything in return. Here is an example:

Cocaine traces found on 95% of banknotes from Washington

Scientists have found traces of cocaine in 95% of banknotes collected in Washington, the American Chemical Society reports, and 90% from large cities such as Baltimore, Boston and Detroit. The lowest average was found on bills collected from Salt Lake City. The findings were presented at the 238th National Meeting of the ACS, which says the study suggests "cocaine abuse is still widespread and… » Full Story on

See? I didn't write that article. I haven't even read it. Someone else wrote it and got payed for it. I'm just sampling...and making the title poetic and upping my google ranking by using popular booty, sex and cocaine!

It reminds me so much of the music industry. Within the last 10-15 years, technology has enabled people to "sample" other peoples music and Frankenstein it in to their"own" creation.
We songwriters had to sit back and just watch the feeding frenzy begin. Now it's normal. It's pretty much expected. If you are in the R and B or Hip Hop genre, I'm willing to bet that that 75 percent of your art, craft, talent, or whatever you define it as, is based on computer skills. I'm only judging this by what I hear on the radio these days. This has produced art, yes. But it has wandered so far off the music path that people are starting to vomit.
It's true....
The other day I was in traffic and I was next to a Prius on the freeway. I was bored so I rolled down my window and asked the lady in the Prius what she was listening to. She said she wasn't, paused, shrugged and turned on the radio. Within 15 seconds her entire dashboard was covered in steamy mucas vomit bile. I almost puked myself. Then a miraculous thing happened. The guy in the car behind me puked in his car. Then the car in front of me. Then it just dominoed down the freeway. Cal Trams had to intervene for the biggest clean up I'd ever seen. It was sick and gross. I was sure it was the apocalpyse. But it wasn't. We found out later from a Cal Trams spokes man that a virus had been traced in the 26 bit sampling found in the songs that were on the air. An audio virus called TMSD-09 was the culprit. A U.C. professor said,
" If real music isn't brought back soon...with real instruments...and real talented artists...I'm afraid to say what the consequences will be...don't be surprised if you hear about this on NPR...we all know how real things become once they are on's time to refocus, people...think of the children..." He paused dramatically and then screamed,"Watch Soylent Green!" And then he vanished into thin air...
If you believe this story then you must be one of these culprits!
It's time to refocus.
I am also a musician...time to save the world again...
Here is a song called "Happiness"
all sounds were made by me. One real track at a time...

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

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