Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quest For The Ring Is ON! Music2ten (2010)

Hey everybody....the holidays are over. Fucking YAY!!
Time to start with the starters! It's time to bury the hatchet and move on to something that will bring prosperity, hope and MONEY! Yes...I am on the quest finally. I'm after a few specific things. The girl the goldwatch and everything. (And you know what girl I'm talking about if you know me.)
But FIRST...I shall slay the money dragon this year. I have it by the tail now and I'm pissed off at what it did to me the last decade. That Bush dragon needs a black eye...
So with nothing but the wind in my sails and the hilt of my music sword in my hand, I walk. Slowly I turn and realize the work I was doing. I am part of a Web ring. A bunch of genius'. A group of individuals who have been building a music haven for on line participants. Which is ALL of us, really. So...take a browse through our mp3 world.
Remember...all mp3s are free to anyone with enough time to hit the "enter' key. And when you click on the "Next Blog" icon at the top, you will be taken on a virtual tour of all the sites. Each mp3 has a link to a purchase site. This will reboot the music economy. There aint no other way to keep music going in this world of Madoffs and Ponzi schemers. It's time to buy. 99 cents will seem like nothing to you, but it means everything to those of us who slave away everyday for pennies to keep the music ALIVE.

Uncle Samurai 2ten mp3 site...click

2010 is time once again
to work and create what
we share with our friends

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

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