Saturday, July 3, 2010

Birthday Po'tree

It's my birthday today and the coffee just hit me
rational thoughts reach up slowly to grip me
the sun is on fire and it lights up the sky
giving life to us all and we still don't know why

As the thoughts of raw violence dry up like cold spit
from sleeping through hours of nicotine fits
I stretch and I yawn to embrace one more day
as I exhale the smoke and leave ash in the tray

There is hope on the the cusp of reality's dream
it's the color of coffee mixed perfect with cream
yes it's blonde and so full of what I like to taste
and it sits there so patiently right in my face

And the news of the world is a teenage obsession
it spreads like pure gossip with talks of recession
The war, rapes and violence that all of us hear
have always been here, just not all in our ears

It's the telephone game mixed with media snitches
who fan all the flames like a room of drunk bitches
burning the truth like cracked out salem witches
twitching like junkies to scratch their own itches

And what of this hope that I mention quite briefly?
it comes in all shapes, sometimes green sweet and leafy
it makes you all dreamy and full of affection
and most of it lies in your cd collection

To contemplate all that is right and so wrong
to not act in violence and sit with a bong
but to write your synopsis into a great song
and watch people dance while they're singing along

That's a gift that I got from the world I live in
it's like armor I wear in a battle of sin
I aint sayin' I'm perfect, I just don't mess with folks
unless I 'm assured there's a punchline or joke

If you know who I am then you know you can say
I have never put people in front of harms way
I don't think about this or my own reputation
I just smoke and chill out with my daily libation

Defuse the confusion and write the next tune
I watch people live in this earthly cartoon
If that's how you are then I can't say it's wrong
but that's how you'll end up in one of my songs

The truth is so brittle but oh when it ages
it turns into historic facts on the pages
and life aint no war, it can never been won
I know what I'm sayin'...I'm Forty one, son...

your friendly cyberhood
uncle samurai

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Love Finds You said...

Your poetry is testifies to your brilliance.