Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A little bit about case you were wondering...

I was born on July 3rd 1969. My mother is Japanese. My father is African American, Cherokee and Blackfoot. I am a musician. I have been for over 27 years, professionally. I love it. The joy of it is a never ending story to me. Music is at the core of every culture. Without it, life would mean something completely different to us all. When music is heard, it is understood already. For it is a universal language. Because of this fact, some of us musicians take great responsibility in cultivating it into art.
When I think of all the times I have hurt inside, or have become depressed or even upset...I need to play or listen to music. It allows me to break the monotony of cognitive reflex in my emotions. Rather than react with words or unnecessary action, I pick up my guitar. I'm not saying that's how I think you all should be. It's just how I think. It's a trick I have taught myself over the years. Turn the negative feelings into something that other people may enjoy. If it's possible. Even if the song has a negative meaning, as long as it sounds good, most people will enjoy it.
As a teenager, I learned quickly that alcohol and music don't blend well with me. By the time I was 18 I had stopped liking the feeling of alcohol. So I gave up the peer pressure drinking. Most of my friends kept drinking and still drink today. I don't mind at all if they do. I just don't drink alcohol. I am always the designated driver where ever I am. And it has kept me out of a lot of trouble over the years. Not to mention that my mother is a retired court investigator. I once had the presiding judge of Alameda county come to see me play at Ruthies Inn back in the 80's. So getting into trouble with the law was not an option. I was always somewhere with my guitar writing songs, anyway. To this day, I do not have a criminal record. Which works for me. I once had a girl ask me if I had ever taken a mug shot. We were watching cops or something. She was curious. I said no. And felt kinda good about it. And my driving record is spotless, minus a few parking tickets, of course. You see, in order to be a musician, you have to do a lot of driving. The gigs don't come to your house. You have to drive to them. So it all works out for the better. I just don't want to waste any music time on trouble, I guess. I hardly thought about it until recently.
I'm pretty neutral with my attitude in life. It all revolves around the sweet sound of music. The harmonies that it brings me, continues to set a stage for how I must get a long with people. It literally sets a stage. And once you've been on stage, you realize one thing. Songs must be accepted by both men and women if you want to make good music for the people. The differences between men and women are endless, we all know. But every once in a while, there are moments when it really works. And that seems to always make me smile, wherever I am. I will not say that music is a solution to the problems we have, as people. But sometimes, it is the perfect remedy. In fact someone recently asked me my opinion, as a musician, on love and war.
I said what I have always said,
"....well...when everyone is all done with fighting and the drama for a while...I'm playing a gig down at the (insert nightclub). You are ALL invited. After the gig...y'all can get back to what you were doin..."

Gotta live peacefully to know what peace is, sometimes.
your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai


Love Finds You said...

You are the most interesting and beautiful person I know; inside and out. Let the music flow...

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..