Saturday, May 28, 2011

Big Brother

Big Brother by Uncle Samurai

Big brother has a name and his name is url
(aka) H double T P colon with 2 slashes, Girl
You know his plan and execution of the big take over
Ballin’ dollars on the web like an arachnid rover

Sittin’ trapped like a bug inside a virus on line
My legs have atrophied and petrified right under my spine
And my vocabulary’s changin’ and my memory, too
Do you remember browsin’ links at your dads barbeque?

I try to talk to my friends they put their book in my face
I’m sending letters of affection to the stars in my space
Yeah I’m attached to my server like the phone in your head
We used to talk about clothes now we discuss them on threads

You leave the house in your pajamas wearin’ Ugs and no socks
You can’t deny it I just read it in your friends comment box
You say you have an education but I say LOL
You got no punctuation skills and you’re too lazy to spell

Oh B T W I’m guessing that your B double F
Has got a photograph of you photographing your self
And so I’m ROTFLMAO clutching my side
As you continue texting messages to friends while you drive

Big Brother is growing so big bright and blue
And his huge electric globe has been caressed by you
And if you think it’s hard enough to get connections through
Then think about the link he wants to send to you

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