Tuesday, May 3, 2011

They Cheer People Dying

Last night...
when I heard people cheering in the street, I thought it was because the Sharks had won their 2nd playoff game against Detroit in over time. Then I heard cars honking and more screaming. And it continued for a while. That's about the time I checked my facebook; which is where I go to get the most current big headline news.
And there it was; 4 friends had posted that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in a military operation. There was even a link to President Obama giving an official speech and everything. And I thought wow...thats what the people are cheering about. Screaming. Honking their horns. Yee Hawin'. And whatever folks do in moments like this....when Americas most wanted is executed. America loves killing the bad guy. They LOVE it. I mean, hey, do what ya want. I understand. Bin Laden was a terrorist. And Bush put a sticker on his head after 911 and couldn't catch him. And then Obama gave the go ahead and blam...it's over for Bin Laden.
So, I can relate to being relieved about his death, but hootin' and hollerin' in the street over anybody dying is just a waste of energy to me. Not my style, really. In fact, I thought all the folks hooting and all the folks hollering just looked kinda retarded out there. Because they rejoice in murder. Which is kinda weird, I think. Very un church like. I don't know anyone, personally, who was told when they where a little child, "Now make sure you run out into the street and get yer holler on when the army shoots somebody...it's what Jesus wants us to do..." But no one had to tell these folks. They just do it naturally, like it's a Superbowl win, I guess. But it aint. It's really not.
Now if this act had brought an all out agreed end to the war on terrorism, then I would also be out there getting my hoot on and my holler out. I would be getting my groove on, actually. Like when Obama was elected...
But we don't have a clue what this is going to mean, as far as the war on terror is concerned.
Do we?
So in the meantime, I have a different reaction...no words, really.

Just music...

They Cheer People Dying by Uncle Samurai

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