Saturday, December 6, 2008

30 Rock, Bush, China and GM

On January 20th we will have America's first two toned president.
Meaning black and white, much like the two toned theme that ska music has been portraying
for the last 30 years. Ethnic unity between all races represented by a simple black and white icon. The checkerboard. And people really got that concept at first glance.(Hey this aint no Nascar race!) So the ska world had to wait for Obama. And until he is actually the president, may I introduce to you a new icon. This is Buster. Buster the Ska doggie.
He is a ska doggie. A misunderstood breed who just wants people to understand the meaning of ska. Unity through music. We used to have the rainbow as an icon of diversity. The Homosexual world has claimed that particular icon for the time being. So Buster feels like his work has doubled. Because ska includes EVERYONE. Check out all ska and see for yourself. You can start with one of these wonderful and informative sites:

2009 is skankin' time!

If you are wondering what 30 rock,Bush, China and GM have to do with this article/blog, then you may have to google answers on your own.
All I know is that those are the top Blog post titles on earth now.
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