Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Three in the morning

Prez elect Obama is already working as the prez. Good for him.
Maybe we are playing Bush's game like a soccer know...regulation time is over, but we still have to play out the penalty minutes. Who knows? Either way, I'm rooting for the guy with the brains and the constitutional law teaching credentials. I'm also proud to have Obama as our prez because he is prepared for war. I mean who couldn't be by now?! Also Obama has a great back story.Good karma from the past. Like that story about the lady who was standing in line at the airport to move to Ireland. She was going there to meet her husband; to live. At the counter she came up a hundred and sixty dollars short of airfair. Stressed and uncertain and aware of the line behind her, she probably started to panic like we all do when the "card" doesn't work for some strange reason. Anyway, some man tapped her on the shoulder and told her that he would cover her. It took a few minutes but she ended up letting him. She promised to pay him back as soon as she got to Ireland. And she did. I'm sure she was embarrased the whole flight, but relieved as well. The man gave her a card so that she could contact him and repay her debt. The card read: Barrack Obama.
This was years ago. Before he was a senator, even. He was just some random light skinned dude in line behind her at the air port. But that's the kind of man Obama is. Naturally. I'm sure he was just as broke as anybody back then, too. But he took the kindness option. Isn't that a touching story? I think so, because it's the god honest truth.
So...this same man is now looking at the entire country (with a constitutional law teaching degree) and is about to do something about the economic crisis that rich people have have caused us. It takes money to make money, right? So it wasn't poor people who screwed up. It was them. I look at rich people now the way that Chuang Tzu looks at monkeys that need to be fed. Have you ever heard of the story Three in the morning?
A wise man once said, "To wear out one’s intellect in an obstinate adherence to the individuality of things, not recognizing the fact that all things are a unity—this is called Three in the Morning."

What is Three in the Morning?

A keeper of monkeys said that each monkey was to have three chestnuts in the morning and four at night. But the monkeys were very angry at this; so the keeper said they might have four in the morning and three at night, with which arrangement they were all well pleased. The actual number of the chestnuts remained the same, but there was an adjustment to meet to the likes and dislikes of those concerned. Such is the principle of putting oneself into subjective relation with externals.

This is so like Obama, or anyone with the credentials and a heart as big.

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