Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christ Moose

The economy sucks right now.
People are losing their minds trying to figure it out. 

 I mean...what are you gonna do?
Have a merry christmas? 
 Times are rough and well, HELL YEAH I'm gonna have a god damn merry christmas. It might have to  include some of the last 8 years of politics. One x mas stocking I might  NOT open at all might be the one that's full of tax regulations and increases from, like, say 5 years ago. I might leave one present unwrapped because it contains files of "weapons of mass destruction" and it might not even have my name on the tag. One box might have white tube sox. Who knows?
I will have a few presents to look forward to:
-Obama as president
-New i phone and laptop
-Obama as president
-An X box

stay tuned for more
from a merry christmoose

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