Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You Say You Want A Revolution Money Exchange?

"Steve Case’s startup Revolution Money announced a series C funding today of $42 million led by Goldman Sachs. Case and other existing investors (Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, former AOL vice chairman Ted Leonsis, former Charles Schwab CEO David Pottruck, and JP Morgan vie chairman David Golden). That is on top of $50 million the company raised is September, 2007..." (continue reading)

"Revolution Money is a financial services company with the goal of disrupting incumbent credit companies and PayPal. Revolution Money’s credit card, the RevolutionCard, differs from other credit cards by using PIN-activation, rather than signatures …"
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Hmmm...sounds interesting, yet fishy to me... I wonder what George and John would say to this...

your friendly cyberhood

Uncle Samurai

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