Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From Slavery To Noble Peace Award

I just want to take a deep breath and soak this in...
We've gone from slavery in America...

Gus Cannon – “Poor Boy A Long Way From Home” mp3

Gus Cannon’s story starts off the same way many other poor black aspiring musicians’ stories started off. At the turn of the century in the South, you had to escape the servitude of the share cropping system to pursue your dreams. Slaves ran away from their families and headed out on the road with little more than youthful optimism as their driving force. This mp3 is a tribute to all the revolutionary musicians of that time who refused to let their dismal socioeconomic status destroy their goal of enjoying a career playing music.

Gus Cannon – “Poor Boy A Long Way From Home” mp3

...to the first African/American President awarded the noble peace prize.

I love America...

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Uncle Samurai

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