Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Coffee please

Without coffee I would just be a pile of crap
I'd be a destination without a google map
I'd be like the sixth toe in some croks with bunyuns
like a solitary cheetoh in a bag of funions

I'd probably have an extra eye above my new pimple
life would get the boot from a place called simple
women would ignore me, gas would take a hike
and I'd be somewhere lonesome on an orange commuter bike

The sky would cave in and the moon would boil
I 'd be just like Popeye with out Olive Oil
and Brutus would be callin' from his mobile I phone
sayin' Olive servin' coffee in bed at his home

Without coffee I would crumble into 67 parts
and all of those parts would be worthless as farts
I'd have to talk to people who drink tea and decaf
the ones who stand in line for an hour and a half


the ones who order NOT for any reason I can see
(you know) the triple nonfat decaf iced no foam soliloquy
as I begin to rock like tiger crouching in a stance
wondering if this persons neck will some how meet my hands

Mindless Jedi on a quest these decaf morning fiends
showin' off that they can function fine with out caffeine
These are not the droids you seek just quit the the pointless tease
Use the force get out of line and give me coffee please


1 comment:

Love Finds You said...

There is no life without love and coffee