Monday, February 25, 2008

Politics? Well...ok...

I am a black and Japanese person. An adult male. A musician, specifically. My degree is of the 
"general education" persuasion. A unique mix of cultures, right? Two extreme opposites, really. At least here in America. More than a few times I have been called "fascinating" by caucasian women. And it's no bad thing at all, let me tell ya. The strange moment in hindsight is wondering what they thought before they found out I was half Japanese. There is usually that moment of pensive uncertainty that occurs upon first meeting. Then I drop the J bomb, or something. Anyway, as an American, I often look for Sidney Portier types for inspiration. Men that don't get the severe guilt by association complex that so many men of color still get.

 I am voting for Obama. My reasons are simple. A change that I can be relieved with.  We have had 42 old white guys in a row (not including Kennedy). We are way over due for a break in the redundant chain of democracy, if this IS the United States of America, right?  I'm convinced that we are the correct era for this particular type of change.  Born in 1969, I have come to realize that the next generations are not going to have it as easy as we did. And what a better way to initiate this handover; this baton; this beast of a black man with a golden voice. A man that is part of a culture who knows what America is really about. A culture that worked their (and half my) way from the bottom to the top. Just like America itself. With this new change comin' round the bend, it really makes me feel blessed to be alive. To see this happening. To FEEL it coming. To share with all of you the experience of voting for the first black president with a real chance to win.


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