Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To the ladies with love...

got a message for you
and I know what to do
I might be trippin' on some things
but I aint that blue

I got eyes that have seen
all kinds of beautiful queens
so demure and enchanting
if ya know what I mean

And so this future of mine
that has given me time
to create all the music
for your perky behinds

It's rewarding me now
and I don't even know how
to explain how it's working
like the infinite Tao

Because I live like a bum
in the warm Cali sun
but the music is the wealth
and it's fun fun fun

And the money is near
for all the blood sweat and tears
it's gonna balance out the stress
of emotional fears

I said a long time ago
that everything that I know
doesn't always mean words
will define what I show

And it's the year of the rat
and every day is all that
in a dog eat dog world
filled with cute kitty cats

oh yes I'm living the dream
and I'm alive so it seems
a single skilled musician
on a path so redeemed

I know that spring will be here
and every year after year
there is something that I crave
and it aint gin or beer

it's that hot body touch
that keeps stressing my clutch
ya'll got me revving my gears
because I want it so much

but I know it's discreet
until it's late on the street
when the spring fever brings us
to market like meat

and every girl that I see
is now a burned fantasy
on my mind like a movie
shown in high rez HD

it's a natural event
until the craving is spent
lying there together
staring up at the vent

yeah it's coming real soon
like the next swollen moon
as it sneaks up and presses us
together like spoons

and my mind is on fire
filled with thoughts that conspire
every moment from the past
into future desires

and no matter what goes
I have music that shows
what I do for a living
keeps my heart on it's toes

I've been ready for this
and everything that I've missed
I'll be able to experience
like every first kiss


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